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Spirits with soul.


Sophisticated, but approachable.


Make Your Event Something to Talk About

Need to add an exclamation point to your event? Hire us to do just that with signature cocktails! If it's for a concert with 25,000 attendees, or for a dinner party of 5, hire us to make your event something to talk about. 


Crafting Recipes that Tell Your Story

Is your menu uninspired? Does your brand need a new cocktail strategy? We work with your staff or brand manager to create original cocktails and create strategies that will drive sales!


Essential Cocktail Training for Enthusiasts or Staff

Go beyond recipes. Teach your staff or learn for yourself the techniques of garnishing, flavor balancing, quick tips, and ingredient knowledge that elevate your skills to a whole new level.


Brands we've worked with:

 Mary Bastien
 Daniel Phillips

Need soul in your spirits?

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If it's an event, a need for special recipes, brand strategy, or staff training, feel free to inquire. We will respond within 24 hours.

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