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Past Events

Not only can we help make your events memorable, we throw some pretty cool parties ourselves.

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2018 Spirited Sessions:

 September 2018: Classic Whiskey Cocktails with Rossville Union Rye

June 2018: A Trip to the Island with Plantation Rum

April 2018: Farm to Cocktail with Till Vodka

 February 2018: Fat Tuesday spotlight on New Orleans Inspired Cocktails


Spirited Sessions: FERMENTED

March 2018: Irish Styles with Urban Chestnut

January 2018: Brewery Spotlight with 2nd Shift



Super Seoul Sunday


George Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon Launch Party

Introducing George Remus Repeal Reserve to the St. Louis Market at Brennan's.



Multi V Vodka Launch Party

Introducing Multi V Vodka to the St. Louis market at Sub Zero Vodka Bar

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Fizz and Folly

A Loufest Cocktail Party curated by STLBarkeep.

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Spirited Sessions: The Gin Takeover

An evening all about Corsair Gin with Natasha Bahrami and Dale Kyd from The Gin Room

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Spirited Sessions: Tiki Time!

A full on tiki blowout with Tim Wiggins of Retreat Gastropub featuring Plantation Rums